Shape, Build, Accelerate

SetBoom  provides seed capital to startups through early stage venture funding while getting started,  Also provides Company and Team building with co-working facilities, technology and legal structure, contributing to reach their Minimum Viable Product helping with product and business model design to reach market test and validation with fast beta release and first customers experience.

Gives advise and mentoring through successfull entrepreneurs, investors & domain experts of our network and organizes Funding Rounds through Demo day and private VC rounds

Small Investment, Big Results

We provide a combination of Money, Know How, Industry Knowledge, Operational Resources and Networking to help founders transform ideas into sustainable business.

Working Facilities

Founders can work in the main office in Neuquen City, where they can find all the ecosystem advantages and also projects can leverage with our Buenos Aires office located in Puerto Madero near the financial district.

 Neuquen Branch    Buenos Aires Branch